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KZNA Swim Calendar 2017-2018



KZNA Swimming Schedule for August 2017 till April 2018
7 till 13 Aug Week Life Saving Commonwealth Games Kings Park
9 till 12 Aug Week end   SA Short Course  Joffee Pool P'Maritzberg
12-Aug Sat UGU Age Group 3 and Level 1 gala 3 Creston College Margate
18 till 20 Aug Weekend eTH Beavers / Age Group 5 /  Level 1 Gala 5 Kings Park
23 till 27 Aug Week   A1 World challenge race  
02-Sep Sat eTH eThekwini Age Group 6 Kings Park
03-Sep Sun eTh eThekwini Level 1 Gala 6 Kings Park
8 till 10 Sep Weekend eTh ACTION Kings Park
09-Sep Sat UGU Age Group 4 and Level 1 gala 4  
22 till 24 SEP Week End eTh KZNA Jnr Champs 13 and under Kings Park
22 till 23 Sep Week end KCDA Fish Eagle 1000 Richards Bay
5 till 8 Oct Week eTH Seagulls SC  Kings Park
07-Oct Sat KCDA KCDA October Age Group Richards Bay
07-Oct Sat UTH Uthukela October Age Group Ladysmith
13-Oct Fri Amj. Amjuba Age Group 1 Newcastle
14-Oct Sat eTh eThekwini Age Group 7 Kings Park
14-Oct Sat UGU Age Group 5 and level 1 gala 5  
14-Oct Sat KCDA Fish Eagle Short Course Richards Bay
15-Oct Sun eTh eThekwini Level 1 Gala 7 Kings Park
21-Oct Sat UGU BOA Relay Challenge Creston College Margate
28-Oct Sat Amj. Amajuba Age Group 2 Newcastle
28-Oct Sat KCDA KCDA November Age Group Richards Bay
28-Oct Sat KZNA KZNA Interschool Diving Compertition Kings Park Diving Section
03-Nov Sun eTh eThekwini Age Group 3 Kings Park
04-Nov Sat eTh eThekwini Level 1 Gala 8 Kings Park
04-Nov Sat UGU Age Group 6 and Level 1 gala 6 South City Margate
3 till 4 Nov Sat UTH Zululand short course champs Vryheid
04-Nov Sat KZNA KZNA Schools Diving Trials Kings Park Diving Section
05-Nov Sun KZNA KZNA Novice Diving Trials Kings Park Diving Section
11-Nov Sat eTh eThekwini Age Group 8 Kings Park
12-Nov Sun eTH KZN Masters Kings Park
17-Oct Fri Amj. Amajuba Age Group 3 Newcastle
17 till 19 Nov Week End eTH Westville Sprints Kings Park
25-Nov Sat KCDA ZMSC Open Water Swim Richards Bay
25 and 26 Nov Week End Midmar Capital K  Midmar
29 Nov till 3 Dec  Week end UWH UWH National Club Championships Kings Park
02-Dec Sat KCDA KCDA December Age Group Richards Bay
2 & 3 Dec Week end AMJ Amajuba Longcourse Champs Newcastle Newcastle
8 till 10 Dec Week end KZNA KZNA level 2 provincial champs Kings Park
8 till 15 Dec Week KZNA SA Novice & SA Age Group and RSA Diving Champs Kings Park Diving Section
09-Dec Sat UTH Uthukela December Gala Ladysmith
10-Dec Sat eTh Level 1 SC 25 & 50 meter champs Kings Park
7 till 11 Dec Week   SALGA Games Richards Bay
15-Dec Fri AMJ Amajuba Age Group 4 Newcastle
16 till 22 Dec Week KZNA KZNA Premier Champs & Commonwealth Trials Kings Park
06-Jan Sat AMJ Amajuba Age Group 5 Newcastle
12-Jan Fri AMJ Amajuba Age Group 6 Newcastle
13 & 14 Jan Week End SSA Grand Prix Gala No 1 Nelspruit
13-Jan Sat KCDA KCDA January Age Group Richards Bay
20-Jan Sat eTh eThekwini Age Group 9 Kings Park
20-Jan Sat UGU Age Group 7 and Level 1 Gala 7 Port shepston High School
21-Jan Sun eTh eThekwini Level 1 Gala 9 Kings Park
22-Jan Mon AMJ Amajuba School Gala/Trials Newcastle
27-Jan Sat AMJ Newcastle Elite Gala Newcastle
27-Jan Sat eTh Otto Aquatics AquaSplash Fun Gala Kings Park
27 & 28 Jan Week End KCDA Ushaka Championship Richards Bay
27 & 28 Jan Week End KZNA KZNA Open Water Champs TBA
02-Feb Fri UGU High/Primary High School Trials South City Margate
2 till 4 Feb Week end SSA Grand Prix Gala No 2 Kings Park
03-Feb Sat KCDA KCDA February Age Group Richards Bay
03-Feb Sat UTH Uthukela Age Group Gala Ladysmith
03-Feb Sat Umlazi Primary School Trials Kings Park
04-Feb Sun Umlazi High School Trials Kings Park
09-Feb Fri UGU High/Primary High School Trials South City Margate
09-Feb Fri AMJ Aqua Adrenaline Gala Newcastle Newcastle
10 till 11 Feb Week End OW MIDMAR MILE Midmar
16 till 18 Feb Week End SSA Grand Prix Gala No 3 Stellenbosch
17-Feb Sat eTh eThekwini Age Group 10 Kings Park
18-Feb Sun 10H00 eThekwini Level 1 gala 10  
19 till 26 Feb Week  Schools D & D Gala  Kings Park
17-Feb Sat AMJ Amajuba Age Group 7 Newcastle
22-Feb Thur UTH Uthukela School Trials TBA
24 till 25 Feb Week End KZN KZN Primary and High Schools Trials Kings Park
23-Feb Fri AMJ Amajuba Age Group 8 Newcastle
25-Feb Sun AMJ NewCastle Swim Club Newcastle
26-Feb Mon Schools Co Ed High Schools Kings Park
27-Feb Tues Schools Boys High Schools Kings park
28-Feb Wed Schools Girls High Schools Kings Park
3 and 4 Mar Week End SSA SA OW Champs TBA
5 till 8 Mar Week Schools Primary schools D&D Kings Park
09 till 11 Mar Week End SSA KZNA  Provincial Level 1  Kings Park
10 till 11 Mar Week End KZNA KZNA Provincial Diving Trials Kings Park Diving Section
21 to 25 Mar Week SSA SSA Junior Champs TBA
30 Mar till 2 Apr Week End   EASTER  
3 till 6 April Week SSA SSA Regional Level 2 and Level 3 Champs TBA
23 till 28  Apr Week SSA SSA Senior Champs TBA



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