Financial Impact of Corona Lockdown on KZNA Members



Dear Member


We are deeply concerned about the financial impact of the Corona Lockdown on the long term financial sustainability of our Clubs, LTS Schools, Coaches, Instructors and members. As part of our efforts to help our members get through these trying times we are trying to gauge the impact the lockdown will have on our members. The impact could be even more dire if the lockdown is extended beyond the current period.


The survey is being used to evaluate the impact of the Corona Lockdown on KZN Aquatics Districts, Clubs, Learn to Swim Schools, Sports Business Enterprises, Coaches, Swim Instructors and Sports Science Practitioners.


We want to use this information to build up a case for Financial Support for our organisations and its members.


This survey is being done under the umbrella of: 


KWAZULU NATAL AQUATICS                                                                                                                                       


Tel:  031 312 72 72                                                                                                                                                          

Enquiries Email:  or


  • NB All information will be confidential and will be consolidated and summarized before making any submission to potential funders.


  • Please complete as soon as possible as we want to make a submission to the Sports and Recreation Department on Monday the 6th April 2020


  • Districts Chairs must complete for their District Office Operations and circulate to all other members


  • Clubs, Learn to Swim Schools  to complete on behalf of their LTS School or club or both if they are operating as separate entities.


  • Coaches, Instructors and other professionals to complete individual survey if they are self employed.


Please click the attached link to complete the survey. It will not take you more than five minutes.




Peter Thompson


Kwazulu Natal Aquatics